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In the 1970s J Beam were getting most of the high gain sales with the MBM range. Antiference had a stacking kit for combining two 18 element aerials, and this gave good gain and directivity, but it wasn’t enough. Antiference brought out the HG3540, but as it turned out it wasn’t their best idea ever. The aerial vaguely resembled a standard 18 element, the main difference being that elements tended to break off as you installed the damned thing. The reflectors were beefed up a bit, and the director chain had bays of two halfwave elements end to end, with a central insulator. The main problems with this aerial, from my point of view, were its fragility, and more important, the fact that it seemed to have only fractionally better gain than a standard 18 element. I can’t remember how long these aerials were on sale, but I don’t think it was for very many years.

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