Wright's Aerials

These aerial photographs are not interesting photographs taken from aeroplanes (as you’d hoped) but are merely photographs of boring old television aerials, and are mostly taken from the ground. This miscellany has four sections for your lukewarm interest and vague amusement, entitled ‘Modern’, ‘Ancient’, ‘DIY Corner’, and ‘Aerial Lingus’.

The Modern section includes aerials that are simply representative of a type, and some that are merely curiosities which raise the question ‘What on earth did that rigger think he was doing?’

Most of the Ancient photographs show obsolete UK television aerials, some dating from the 405 line VHF era. I’m always grateful for contributions to this section. Why have I collected these pictures, I hear you ask. It’s because this archive is of historic importance. How will our descendants manage if they don’t have some knowledge of ancient TV aerials?
DIY Corner shows installations that appear to have been accomplished by someone other than an aerial installer. Although these examples don’t always show the do-it-yourself tendency at its best I would never condemn DIY installations generally. Many DIY jobs are better than those perpetrated by some of the so-called professionals.
Aerial Lingus is nothing to do with shamrock-bedecked aeroplanes or skilful use of the human tongue. Disappointingly, it merely displays pictures of TV aerials from the Irish Republic.

We have a large library of TV aerial photographs. If you have a commercial requirement for a picture please contact us with a rough description. We might have something suitable.

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