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We hope you find this miscellany of information useful. This is a new section and we only have a few items as yet, but as time goes on I hope we can build up a really useful database. The information here is presented for general guidance only. Check your facts with the relevant manufacturers, etc, before spending money or doing anything potentially dangerous!

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Reference Links
Installation Guides
CT167 type cables
CT100, QC100 and QF100 downlead cable
Information for residents
Information for residents A generic information leaflet for people who have just moved into a new building where there is a TV distribution system *
  PDF Mandale House - information for residents *

Waddington House 1 - information specifically for residents of Waddington House,Edgedale Rd., Sheffield *

  PDF Waddington House 2 - A reminder about digital switch-over for the residents of Waddington House *
  > The use of two-input satellite receivers in flats where there is only one feed from the TV systems
  PDF How to share the costs of a multiswitch upgrade
When some of the residents in a block of flats want to upgrade the TV distribution system so that each flat has two or more satellite feeds the sharing of costs can be problematic. Here’s a suggestion that might help.

Help! My DTT Reception is poor – a simple flowchart to help you figure out why *

How to do section
How to fit a crimp 'F' plug onto CT100 type coax cable.

How to wire a wallplate This shows the cable preparation method for a typical modern wallplate. Many plates have multiple connections but the basic method is the same. Try to avoid kinking the cable in the wallbox *  

Useful stuff > Planning Control and Satellite Dishes
De-rate for channels
  > De-rate for amps
  > Four groups of signals
Signal loss on cable
Calculating mast height for dishes on north-facing wall Putting a dish on a north facing wall *

Conversion chart


dBmV, dBµV, mV conversion chart and graph *

UHF channel planner

UHF channel planner Print this and use it to plan the channel allocations for your distribution system *

Glossary of terms A-Z of Technical TV system terminology *

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