Wright's Aerials

The Annexe of Irrelevancies

Stuff in this section has nothing to do with aerials. It’s a mixed bag of sense and nonsense. It’s up to you to decide which is which.

  • The boomers are coming
    A personal view of the impact that the baby boom generation will make as they become elderly.

  • Should I put the bin out? [PDF]
    A young persons’ guide. Those with teenagers at home might like to affix their own bin days to this and display it prominently.

  • We have no cats
    How we came to have no cats. If you’ve never put a roof over a cat’s head you won’t like or understand this.

  • The Fall
    A visit to A & E, and a stay in hospital. If you care ab out the NHS, you must read this

  • The little arse nipper [PDF]
    In 2001 Carolyn, aged 26, was due to visit Singapore. Twenty years previously she had enjoyed ‘horror’ stories about a monster that lived in the sewers, and as an adult she’d mentioned how these stories had ‘traumatised’ her. She was slightly apprehensive about the trip to the Far East, so I sent her this ‘press cutting’. I’m a bad, bad person, I know.

  • The Nurses
    This is for spaniel lovers

  • Mobile vulgarity [PDF]
    I have a friend, David, who used to have a campervan which was based on a Transit parcel van. My friend is a dour person with puritan leanings. He hates anything American; he hates Sky Television; he hates CB radio; he hates anything that isn’t ‘tasteful’. Most of all he hates any sort of flamboyance. Oh, and we aren’t allowed to call him ‘Dave’ because it sounds common. His van was a dull brown colour. It had beige carpets and curtains, and no superfluous decoration whatsoever. I made this drawing of his van, suitable altered in ways that I thought might not please him. I was right. He wasn’t pleased. Not even slightly. Never mind, I know my natural flamboyance gets on his nerves anyway.
    Dave — err, I mean David — when you see this, please forgive me.

  • The wagon shops
    Building railway wagons in the 1930s – a personal account.

  • Trip to London
    How some Yorkshire innocents went to London and got out alive

  • The MOT fail
    From a recent MOT fail notice, verbatim. The driver had been unaware of any defects

  • An invitation [PDF]
    Each year we try to produce an interesting invitation to our bonfire party. One year we did it as if it had been sent out in 1665, for some reason

  • Another invitation [PDF]
    This is another invitation to the bonfire party. This one was sort of late-19th-century-playbill-ish

  • The dog carrier [PDF]
    Many years ago we produced a ‘magazine’ for a group of deranged motorbike enthusiasts. Here’s a sample page

  • How to fly your own kite
    Boyhood in a 1920s mining village in the north of England

  • A Rural Childhood [PDF]
    The life of a young girl in a Lincolnshire village at the time of the First World War.

  • The British Journalist
    Here are two press items, from the Times and the Sunday Times on consecutive days.

  • Paid by the word?
    Mark Twain apologised to a correspondent thus: "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." He had a good point.
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