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The Antiference X17 was a combined Band I and Band III array. The band I section was an ‘X’ aerial, the patented ‘Antex’. This was not a deformed yagi as is often supposed, but had one active element at the rear. The other three were connected to the coaxial braid, but were insulated from the mast or boom. The seven element Band III section was a yagi, but the rear reflector was in fact the two front elements of the Band I aerial. Note that the dipole is not folded, and has its ends bent so that they do not foul the Band I elements. The two sections are linked by twin feeder, the downlead being connected at the Band III end. These arrays were not commonly used for horizontal polarisation, as shown here, because the directional properties of the Antex were not good in that plane, and because the two sections had to point in the same direction when used horizontally.

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