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One of the first lessons we learnt when UHF transmissions started was that the UHF aerial needed to be at the top! It was tempting to fit the UHF aerial half way down the mast of the old VHF aerial, but this was rarely satisfactory. In this example the UHF aerial (an Antiference 18 element from the mid- 1960s) is high and proud, but as a result the VHF section is rather severely compromised. VHF reception was from an Antiference X14, a combined Band I and Band III array. This has the mast running through it, almost touching the Band I elements. The X14 was intended for mounting on a swan neck mast that avoided this problem.

The sad ensemble on the left has suffered from the 1980s cheapo steel mast syndrome, in which the mast rusted on the inside at the bottom, until the lower U bolt of the chimney bracket was holding nothing but rust, causing the aerials to point to the stars. The top aerial is a Jaybeam PBM10B sans reflector. Why the lower aerial is mounted on that strange bit of bent tube I don’t know.

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