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These pictures of the mast behind a TV shop were sent in by Ian Chalmers of Coleford. Thanks Ian! Here’s part of Ian’s accompanying note:

Hi there,

I was driving through Chepstow and thinking ‘something looks different’ when I realised that the mast at the back of the old TV shop had gone. I took some pictures about a year ago, and have been meaning to do something with them, and this has prodded me. As they're RX aerials they're more in your province than mb21, so here they are.

It has been looking more and more overgrown over the years, and the aerials appear to have moved round so you can't tell where they originally pointed, so I assume they've at last become too dangerous and had to be removed. I haven’t seen the like for many years, so it may be the last radio/tv rentals mast ever, and now gone.



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