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This is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, the top item is the remains of a combined Band I/Band III array that has the Band III ‘phasing bars’ connected directly to the terminals of the Band I section, which is most unusual. You can’t see it clearly on the photograph but the connection was via two short aluminium strips. The Band I section has no reflector, but one director. It must have been a bad aerial for Band I ghosting, all the more surprising because the Band III performance was probably pretty good in that respect.

Secondly, the UHF aerial is a Labgear 10 element. These were very good little aerials, competing very well on performance with the Antiference equivalent, but significantly cheaper. Note the three-quarter wave dipole (don’t ask me how it worked!) and matcher. We used to buy these for £1.05 each, when the Antiference product was £1.40. The Labgear aerial also had the advantage that it came out of the box fully assembled.

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