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I can tell you the story here. This was on the roof of some two storey flats, in a rather dismal area both for TV reception and socio-economically. Originally the chimney bracket had held a fairly conventional, and inadequate, aerial. Over the years the chimney deteriorated, and then four big Polish lads moved into the upstairs flat. They spoke almost no English, but soon obtained a telly, which gave poor reception. So they got a long pole (a fifth one, ha ha!) and an aerial. They carefully fitted the support arm half way along the boom and then end-mounted the aerial on the pole. No, I don’t understand that either. Two of the Poles then climbed onto the roof without the use of a ladder or roof crawler, carrying the long pole with the aerial fixed to it. All this was witnessed from across the street: “Look mum, the Polish Circus has come to town!” They then removed the old aerial and fixed the pole into the chimney bracket, apparently unconcerned by the state of the chimney. Their aerial immediately fell onto that of the old lady in the downstairs flat, and that’s how I got involved.

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