Wright's Aerials

Aerial Photography - Modern

This is a VHF-FM radio aerial for fringe areas. There are three stacked directors and eight reflectors. The dipole is a curious circular device. Now I have to admit to a tiny bit of scepticism here. After VHF-FM stereo started, a considerable 'more money than sense' aerial market sprung up, and it's still with us to some extent. Hi-fi buffs are like that. You know, Gold plated coax plugs, Oxygen-free listening rooms, all that stuff. The early stereo tuners did need a lot of signal, but the striving after perfection sometimes reached absurd heights. The fancier-looking the aerial was the better it would perform in the belief of some enthusiasts, and some installers did nothing to disabuse them of that fallacy. This aerial in this photograph was only 12 miles from a high powered transmitter, and had clear line of sight. Presumably the sale included an 18dB attenuator.

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