Wright's Aerials

Aerial Photography - Modern

These aerials are outside our terms of reference, because they are not for domestic TV, but for amateur radio (and amateur TV). The top one looks much like the old Jaybeam MBM 46 high gain TV aerial, and in fact it is exactly the same design but scaled for the 430MHz (70cm) amateur band. This is just below the UHF TV band, so the aerial looks very similar.

The lower aerial is cross-polarised yagi for 144MHz (2m). It's actually two separate yagis mounted with a 90 degree polarisation offset. By altering the phase relationship between the two, clockwise or anticlockwise polarity modes can be selected, but in this case the two feeders are permanently connected with a combiner. As is customary with amateur radio installations, the cables wave freely in the breeze.

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