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Belling Lee 'Concord' amplifier. I have very little information about this item. It is hand wired, with a surprisingly chunky power supply. I'm afraid I haven't a date for this item, and would appreciate any information anyone can offer.

Although the input and output sockets are on the top board, the actual amplifier in this Belling Lee indoor 'booster' is on the lower board. The top board is the power supply, more than adequate with its large transformer for titchy two-transistor RF amplifier, you might think. The lower board was in fact a stock BL item, used in various forms in masthead amplifiers, line extenders, etc. Input and output was normally via screw terminals, hence the holes in the top board, which allowed the assemblers to connect the leads to the sockets.

The whole thing is astonishingly well made and elaborate, and must have cost a fortune. Compare this with a modern set-back amplifier, which is a throw-away item.

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