Wright's Aerials

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Whatever possessed me stand on the chimney I don't know. I shudder to look at this picture for that reason. However, the aerials tell a bit of a story. The area suffered from ghosting on both UHF and VHF, and we found that the Antiference 'Antex' 'X' aerial solved the problem on channel 2. That's one on the extreme right, and out of sight fixed to the same mast would be a separate five or eight element aerial for ITV channel 10. The BBC-2 Emley Moor signal on channel 51 was very ghosty, so we generally used a Group A aerial for channel 28 from Belmont. Now look at next door's aerials. The VHF array is a channel 2 single dipole with channel 10 directors. This combo was hopeless for stopping ghosting. The UHF aerial is a Group B, but is pointing more or less at Belmont. The reason is that a very well respected town centre TV dealership fitted these aerials, and they only allowed their installer to use 'dipole and 5' and 10 element Group B aerials, because in their opinion nothing else was necessary. This was true in most of the town, but it lost them a lot of customers on our estate. Incidentally, Labgear made the aerial I'm fitting.

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