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This looks like a bit of PhotoShop forgery, but I swear it isn't. In the early 1970s Hil and I used to go camping in my Dad's 1956 Bedford campervan. This vehicle had been a Rotherham ambulance for most of its life. With more courage than sense I took my seven months pregnant wife to the Outer Hebrides in this old wreck. We had a Sony 9 inch dual standard portable TV set, bought in London on the day man first landed on the moon. The aerial in the picture is a four element Band I yagi. The whole thing was adjustable for any channel between one and five. The elements were telescopic, including the folded dipole, and could be moved along the boom to achieve correct spacing. A log periodic would have been much more sensible, although I must say we could often watch TV in places where the locals said it was impossible. The steamroller wasn't part of our equipment - it just happened to be there.

It was Hil's job to turn the aerial, especially when it was raining. As senior technician I would sit in the van and shout "Left a bit, right a bit.

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