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In the early 1950s ownership of a television set was serious business. The set would cost something like four months’ wages for a skilled man. The whole thing was a bit like high-end hi-fi or expensive motor cars nowadays – a cross between a domestic utility and a hobby. The magazine Practical Television served the trade, but it was also read by enthusiastic owners, who were always keen to enhance their television-owning experience.

This advertisement for Aerialite aerials dates from 1953. There are no Band III aerials because ITV was only a twinkle in the advertising industry’s eye at the time.

The top picture shows a three-element yagi which would be available for any channel in Band I. The aerial was fixed to the mast (which was wooden) with a cast aluminium fitting. The folded dipole looks rather elaborate. Later versions didn’t have the fittings shown on this picture.

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