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Practical Television March 1969

Firstly we have part 1 of ‘Practical Aerial Design’ by A.J. Whittaker, of whom I know nothing. If you’re reading this Mr W could you let me know? You might even be kind enough to supply Part 2!

Part One takes us through the principles of TV aerial design, leading up to the yagi, which is of course the basic design in most common use today. This article is a very good introduction to the subject and stands up well today. Modern students of the subject should read it!

Secondly we have a little piece based on the J Beam press release that introduced the brilliant MBM series of high gain UHF aerials. The range was to become the MBM30, MBM46, MBM70 and MBM88, with later variations. Initially the build quality was superb, although it deteriorated a little in later years. Many of these aerials of the 60s and 70s are still up there on the rooftops doing their job. Jay Beam (as J Beam became) couldn’t compete and finally left the domestic TV aerial market about 25 years ago. I doubt if the trashier of the foreign products that nowadays flood the UK market will last 25 years. Some of them seem to have trouble lasting 25 weeks!

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