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TV Packages - is an independent site comparing the latest digital TV packages in the UK from the leading providers.

TV and radio reception advice from the BBC. In particular click on Today’s Transmitter Work, for details of transmitters on low power or off the air.

The UK regulator for communications. Lists of UK transmitters, information about self-help TV schemes, and more.

The Digital Television Group’s excellent site, full of industry news.

Channel Five analogue reception issues. One man’s view. See also Reception Techniques for Channel 5 (Bill Wright)

A BBC publication concerning the effects trees have on TV reception.

A Radio Authority document (now held by OFCOM) which covers TV and radio reception issues very comprehensively.

The Television Viewers’ Guide and the Radio Listeners Guide are invaluable handbooks, with full UK transmitter lists, reviews of equipment, news of the latest developments, and much more. The two guides are published annually and personally I find them invaluable.

This little item tells you all about the rules governing the installation of aerials and satellite dishes. It is a British publication, despite the deplorable use of the Americanism ‘antenna’, which it uses to mean ‘aerial’, and also, confusingly, ‘satellite dish’. You need to work out from the context whether the section you are reading concerns aerials or dishes. The booklet represents official guidance about where you can and can’t fit your dish and aerial in this over-governed country, so you have to take it seriously. Otherwise you can be sure a foot soldier from the army of petty officials that we pay to micromanage our lives will come round to your place to make sure you toe the line.

As we go through the period of Analogue Switch Off, information about transmitter engineering work will become more and more important to the installation trade.

This site draws you a plot of the height of the terrain between your base station and a distant station, as the crow flies. It’s very good as far as it goes, but of course it can’t take into account small obstructions.

You can use this site to obtain transmitter directions and distances, and for that it’s very good indeed, but the reception predictions should be treated with extreme caution.

A fascinating library of American video clips about the history of television

All of the BBC research reports that have been published on the net.

BBC digital radio

The UK’s leading aerial manufacturer. Site includes UK TV and DAB transmitter lists.

Information about (and photos of) the UK TV and radio transmission sites and systems

A facinating site for those interested in the history of British tv technology.


ATV Aerials and Television is a business on the northern side of Sheffield owned and run by Justin Smith. Justin offers a very comprehensive aerial and television service. ATV Aerials is one of the small minority of aerial installers who actually care about quality and professionalism. Justin’s site is well worth a look and is definitely South Yorkshire’s second best aerial website

Satellite dish pointing aid

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