Wright's Aerials

Photographs of some of our work

The customer needed to record and distribute manually selected outputs from 14 assorted satellite and DTT receivers. Because the equipment was to be used by different people at different times it was felt that operation should be as foolproof as possible, so we decided to have a separate monitor hardwired to each of the receivers. The upmarket solutions we investigated were well beyond the customer’s budget, so we designed a wall unit which held 15 small domestic TV sets. The unit was wall mounted and hinged so it could be swung forward for rear access. The receivers were supplied with 12V power supply units, and rather than replace them with one large PSU these were used, to reduce cost and the chance of a major breakdown.

A Kramer matrix switcher was used to interface the bank of receivers with the recording PCs, and each receiver also provided an auxiliary output for patch-cord connection to the existing distribution system.

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