Wright's Aerials

Rogues Gallery

This series of photographs shows a dreadful piece of work on the roof of a block of flats. The installation is inherently unsafe, but someone has made an attempt to strengthen it by the use of 'guy wires'.

This shot shows the full height of the installation. The aerial is a large high gain type - quite heavy and likely to catch the wind.

The pathetic attempt to guy the mast.

This shot shows how the 'guy wires' are fixed to the mast, and that they are, in fact, coax cable!

Take a close look. The new 12ft mast has been fixed to the old one with one clamp and a lot of insulating tape! Part of an old VHF FM aerial has been used as a sort of splint. The whole thing is fixed to an old steel tube protruding through the roof. It's really disgraceful, isn't it?

The 'anchor points' for the 'guy wires'. As you can see, the 'guy wires' are tied to plastic and asbestos ventilators.
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