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Originally this 80cm Lenson-Heath dish had a quad LNB providing Sky digital IF feeds for a TV shop's display area. Reception was poor, and the local cowboy was called in. Apparently he diagnosed a faulty LNB and set about fitting a new one. He couldn't turn either of the screws that hold the LNB clamp, so he ended up smashing the half-round plastic clamp. In fact, it isn't a big problem to deal with these rusty screws. They can be hacksawed through and replaced. Next he found that the neck of the new LNB was too small for the LNB clamp. This is probably because he had lost the collar that comes with the LNB. His solution was to build up the diameter of the LNB neck with insulating tape. Since he'd broken the plastic bracket the only way to hold the LNB in place was - yes, you've guessed it, by wrapping loads of tape around the whole thing. After a short time the LNB tilted back enough to cause loss of reception.

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