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The principle ‘rogue’ here is not for once the local cowboy aerial rigger, but the short-sighted housing manager responsible for this block of council flats in the Scottish midlands.

The two pictures show the same thing from different angles. The council has obviously short-changed the tenants by not providing a working TV distribution system. Instead, a mast has been installed with six cheap ten-element aerials on three cross arms. Given that the average home has about two and a half tellys these days, it was inevitable that extra aerials were soon added to what was already a bit of a monstrosity. There is one mast like this for every six flats, so this is one of many. What a sight they are when the estate is viewed from a distance!

The cost of providing a proper distribution system would be far less than the medium term maintenance costs of all this ironmongery. Then there’s the inferior reception that the tenants suffer thanks to the use of lots of poor quality aerials in close proximity, and the likelihood of consequential damage when a mast snaps and fourteen aerials land on someone’s car, or head.

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