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This is a fairly heavy aerial at the top of a ten-foot length of one and a quarter inch aluminium mast. Although the installation is almost new the mast has already started to bend, and will soon snap. This is only to be expected. That size of masting should never be used in lengths of more than six feet. Actually it will be a good thing when the mast snaps because if a stronger one had been used the leverage imposed by the small chimney bracket could eventually pull the top of the small chimneystack down.
Very small two brick by two brick stacks like this can easily be damaged. A lot depends on the quality of the mortar, and since a lot of modern builders seem to allocate a maximum of one sack of cement per house it’s wise to assume the worst. Don’t worry, I’m joking about the cement. Sometimes they use two sacks per house . . .
Reduce the wind’s leverage by fitting two brackets as far apart as possible, but don’t fix to the top two or three courses.

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