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Peter Browning writes: Well, you won’t believe this one! I quoted this chap about four months ago to install a high gain aerial for Freeview with a three-way amp, etc, and discreet cabling. However he reckoned that a high gain aerial and three-way distribution amplifier all supplied and fitted for £225 was a joke, and since he was an ex-Sky installation ‘engineer’ he would do it himself, and what a pucker job he made of it, eh?

PS: what a lovely job he made of the cable run!

Anyway, not content with that total bodge his neighbour’s aerial fell down due to an old lashing wire rusting out and being the kind considerate professional that he is he charged her £30 to put it back up, and hey, what a cracking job he did too! Couldn’t be bothered to cut the old bracket off! No wonder he is an ex-installer. I wonder why?

Peter Browning, www.abcaerials.co.uk

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