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The green cables are links to and from other buildings. They run underground. This sort is cable is very stiff and awkward, so the installer has connected it to lengths of ordinary CT100. The proper way to do this is with an ‘f’ plug designed for the underground cable, an ‘f’ plug designed for the CT100, and a line connector. There are lots of slightly dodgy ways to do it, but this is a very dodgy way to do it! Who would ever have thought that someone would use diplexers to connect two cables? Yes, diplexers!

In case you haven’t met a diplexer, it combines signals of different frequencies onto one cable. It has one input for one set of channels and one input for a different set of channels, and so as you’ll deduce neither input accepts all channels. Even if that brief explanation was your first introduction to diplexers you’ll realise immediately that they are just about the worst thing you could use to connect two cables together, except possibly an arc welder or a poultice. Possibly sensing a problem the installer has internally bypassed one of the diplexers. Pretty astute, eh?

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