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The first shot shows a general view of this installation, which served about twenty flats. Satellite dishes of this size should never be fixed like this using an aerial mast. If you have to do this use a length of aluminium scaffold tube and consider guy wires.

In the second shot you can see the untidy untrimmed ties that have been used to secure the cables. Actually I don’t like to see ties used like this at all because they can squeeze the cable and thus cause impedance ‘bumps’. One of the dish cables has been pulled tight and is being stressed as the wind bends the mast.

The third shot shows that the top bracket is very close to the top of the wall. The fixings are coach bolts screwed into plastic plugs. Whatever the material under the rendering is, it has very little weight bearing on it. If you look closely you can see a hole at the apex of the underdrawing. The top bolts, therefore, are compression fixings in the top few inches of what is likely to be fairly soft material. Personally I don’t use these plastic plugs for anything. I know they are probably good enough for minidishes but I’d rather use proper expanding bolts.

You might also be able to see that the mast isn’t upright.

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