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Brain surgeons know that the brain is situated not in the abdomen but in the bonce. Men who dig holes in the road know which end of the shovel to grasp. So how come some aerial installers don’t know which element goes where on a DAB aerial? If I had my way children in the infants’ school would learn about the yagi and how it works, and in particular which element goes where. But maybe I’m an aerial extremist. Perhaps the works of the great Prof Yagi shouldn’t feature in the National Curriculum until Year 3.

You’d think this guy would have got a clue from the two holes meant for the folded dipole. But no, he’s abandoned every hint the manufacturer could give him (what did he do with the assembly instructions? — no, don’t answer that) and put two directors where the folded dipole should be and hung the folded dipole on the single hole meant for the last director. The reflector, however, is in the correct place. Yay! So this isn’t a failure after all. It’s what we call, in these egalitarian times, a partial success.

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