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Maybe the builder had taken his kids to see a Disney cartoon set in Tudor England. The resulting architectural absurdity, so typical of new housing in England today, has given the aerial installer a problem. He either knew or suspected that the material under the cream render would not provide a secure fixing. Or maybe the owner was being ‘funny’ about having holes drilled in the render. Or, knowing how they build houses nowadays, maybe the ‘render’ is in fact plastic panels, or painted cardboard, or something. In any case, somehow the decision was made to fix the aerial bracket at the top of the brickwork and use a long mast to get the aerials reasonably high. Whether alternative solutions (such as a loft aerial or a fixing right through the wall or through the tiles) were considered we will never know. The plan having been formulated, the execution leaves a great deal to be desired. (We’re back to the Tudors here: that’s what some of Henry VIII’s wives said.) The mast is well loaded, and will probably tap on the guttering and the edge of the roof when the wind is blowing.

I’m astonished that the owner of this new property (despite the evidence that he has little taste) has allowed a hideous installation like this on his front wall. Personally I’d rather do without television.
Perhaps this photograph encapsulates much of what is wrong with modern Britain. Thanks to our absurd planning laws we are building grossly overpriced low grade rabbit hutches and jamming them together like the unfortunate commuters of London in the Tube, whilst thousands of acres are ‘set aside’ due to agricultural over-production. Meanwhile many of our tradesmen don’t give a damn about doing a good job. And almost no one seems to have any genuine concern about the appearance of things.

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