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Following on naturally from the previous exhibits, this is how one of the market leaders installs head-ends and repeaters.

The first shot shows a general view of the head-end. Note the lack of earth bonding, the lack of any sort of input filters (and believe me they were badly needed), the rather casual mains connections, and the carefully installed CCTV modulator – it’s the white thing on the floor at the middle of the first shot. No, that object isn’t rubbish, it’s part of the installation!

The second shot shows the attempt at earth bonding at one of the repeaters. Would anyone like to calculate the resistance of the path between the earthing strip and the tray work? This was probably the result of a ‘communication breakdown’ betweens the TV system installers and the electricians.

The third shot shows a satellite tap-off unit that has no visible means of support. OK, it has. It is supported by the two push-on ‘f’ connectors in the middle of the shot. These connectors are intended to provide a quick means of making a temporary connection to an ‘f’ socket for testing purposes. They are not meant to be used a permanent connector, and they are still less intended to provide mechanical support. Accidental movement of the connecting cables could easily cause the ‘f’ plugs to disconnect. But as we all know, four plastic wallplugs and four 1½" No. 8 woodscrews would cost maybe ten pence. Obviously these installers were working to a tight budget.

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