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Rogues Gallery

The first shot shows how the installation looked when I finally managed to get onto the roof. Conditions were not perfect, as you can see, and the only route was via the tiny round window. The flat roof had a parapet wall and harnesses were used, so it wasn’t as dangerous as it looks. I took great care though. Don’t try this at home, children.

There was no satellite reception, because the mast had bent. As far as I could tell the top U bolt had been over-tightened, probably because of the installer’s nervousness at fixing a large dish like this on an aerial mast. The over-tightening had deformed the tube wall, causing a crack in the mast at that point. Eventually the U bolt had loosened and one nut had rattled off.

The cables jumped from the dish to the wall, so they would have been in constant movement in windy weather and wouldn’t have lasted long.

Maybe installers who fix large dishes on aerial masts know perfectly well that the installation will have a short life. That might explain why they don’t think it worthwhile to waterproof the LNB connectors.

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