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Isn’t this a beautiful building? A lovely old Yorkshire country house on the outskirts of a splendid market town, there’s only one jarring feature. Can you see that ridiculous satellite dish sticking up in the air? I was so aghast I marched boldly up the drive to the rear of the house and annoyed the occupants by taking the second picture that you see here. As luck would have it they didn’t set the dogs on me.

There’s absolutely no reason why this dish is up there on a mast. It could have been on the side of the chimney, completely invisible from the front. There are no trees or hills in the way. It’s just sheer stupidity, coupled with a total disregard for the appearance of the finished job. And why the owner of the house has allowed it I just don’t know. I would have though he would have been on the phone when he came home before his wheels had stopped scrunching the gravel, bawling at the idiot installer.

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