Wright's Aerials

Rogues Gallery

The first picture shows that the dish is half way up a rather long aerial mast, which is bad enough, but let’s look more closely.

The second shot shows that the long mast is, in fact, comprised of a 2” mast and a 1.5” mast, and that they are connected together by means of insulating tape. Yes, insulating tape. It’s quite remarkable what these installers will do.

The third picture shows the method of masonry fixing employed. 2” No.8 woodscrews have been driven into small plastic plugs. The fixing is into the render and appears not to penetrate the underlying brickwork significantly. This fixing would be inadequate for a small shelf made from balsa, intended to carry one DVD boxed set called ‘Doncaster Rovers’ Greatest Goals’.

Thanks to David Bolton for this exhibit.

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