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This is just so stupid, isn’t it? I mean, wouldn’t you think that the installer would have realised what would happen when the customer opened his window? Well no, not really. I’ve seen dishes installed at the one point on the wall where they were screened from the satellite by a small solitary tree or by the only overhead road sign for miles. I’ve seen them installed where every passing four-foot-six vandal could reach them from the pavement, and I’ve seen them installed where every passing double-decker wiped out reception. Then there was the one in the alley that the postman and the milkman couldn’t get past without bending double. Installers should stand back and have a little think before they get that drill out. Unfortunately, many of them don’t. Oh yes, you might not be able to see it but the LNB connector in this photograph has no waterproofing of any kind.

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