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These pictures show the aerial and dish installed on a new development. There are large and allegedly prestigious firms who install to this standard routinely. Some of them get a lot of work on new-build projects. Even when the shit hits the fan they still get the work, and it goes on for years sometimes. I don’t know why. Well, I do really; at least I have my ideas.

As far as I could see the cables had never been fixed. I was there because one satellite polarity/band had been lost, unsurprisingly when you look at the state of the ‘F’ connector. The LNB connections had not been waterproofed, and the plugs weren’t even tight. The plug had actually fallen off the LNB, and the marks on the deck are where it had been swinging to and fro.

Why install an aerial like that? If it only needs to be that high why not trim the unwanted length of mast?

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