Wright's Aerials

Rogues Gallery

The aerials, mast, and lower dish are connected to the communal system for the block of flats. The upper dish was installed by a local rigger on the instructions of the tenant of the ground floor flat, who wanted to receive channels from Hotbird at 13°E. I can see the installer’s problem. The dish couldn’t go under the eaves on the end wall because the adjacent property would screen the signal. It couldn’t go on the back wall — the azimuth angle precluded this. The front wall might have been a bit obvious. There wasn’t room for it on the mast below the FM aerial. Nevertheless, it had to be removed, with the unfortunate tenant paying the bill. An 80cm dish that far up a standard aerial mast would have eventually brought the whole thing down, and the downlead wasn’t earth bonded. I wonder why the cable hadn’t been fastened to the mast.

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