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Rogues Gallery

This house is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and I’m guessing that somewhere in that locality is an aerial installer of outstanding natural stupidity. Just look at that hideous white cable! It’s just so lazy to throw a cable over a roof like this, yet bizarrely the installer has actually bothered climbing up there to clip the cable to the slates. But even with the four fixings on the slate the cable will probably be dislodged by sliding snow. It should have been taken along the walls just under the eaves.

The worst culprits for this sort of thing are those satellite dish installers who are not supposed to set foot on roofs (I’m sure you know to whom I refer) who have been known to literally throw a roll of co-ax over a terraced house, securing the cable under the eaves at each side of the building and leaving it loose all the way across the roof. Inevitably it rubs on the ridge and the tiles, allowing rain water to run down the inside of the cable into the receiver.

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