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This is a bit of a puzzle. Examples of work where the rigger has obviously taken fright and made last minute attempts to strengthen a clearly insecure new installation are common. So common in fact that I’ve been thinking about starting a section called ‘Gilding the Turd.’

But this one is, well, a bit odd. For one thing, it’s all too common for a 15ft by 2” aerial mast to be used to support a large UHF aerial, a DAB dipole, and an FM halo. Yes, it might fall down, eventually, but this doesn’t normally bother the installer. The other odd thing is that the short length of mast clamped to the main one can’t really help. There’s no intermediate clamp, so the short section will merely pivot on the lower clamp, adding very little in the way of rigidity or strength.

Thanks to Graham for this contribution.

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