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Well I'm sure these guys must have arrived by horseback! I was called to this property to sort out pixilation problems. The elderly lady had paid £230 two years ago to have a new aerial installed. They fitted it and it fell down 2 weeks later. They were called back and disgruntedly re-fitted it.

The cowboys had fitted a Triax SG18 on a 6' steel mast, using a 6" wall bracket on the chimney. The brickwork had clearly given way so they just moved the wall bracket on the second visit, ignoring the fact that the dipole on the aerial had taken a whack and cracked the balun. You can see the hole in the chimney, check out above the hole, you can spot where they had initially started to drill and the brickwork had caved in under the hammer of the drill!

The crazy thing about this story is that there was a perfectly sound mitred chimney bracket devoid of mast/aerial 2' from the wall bracket!

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