Wright's Aerials

Domestic aerials and satellite dishes

The installation and repair of ordinary domestic equipment including TV aerials, VHF-FM aerials, and DAB aerials. Extra outlets, aerial re-alignment, and all other aerial work.


Domestic distribution systems

Basic systems for terrestrial TV only, Sky remote eye systems allowing satellite receiver control from every room, complex installations that provide satellite, CCTV, VCR, and DVD reception throughout the house.


Reception problems

We have been dealing with domestic TV reception problems since the very beginning of UHF TV. If you have poor TV or radio reception and other installers have 'thrown in the towel', we might be able to help. Our understanding of TV reception and special aerial installation techniques, and our use of top-end test equipment allows us to provide solutions that are beyond the scope of the vast majority of domestic installers.


Specialised satellite installations

The possibilities are endless. Ring us to discuss your requirements.



Surveillance cameras of all types, multi-channel hard disk recorders, monitors, and peripherals. We can add your CCTV pictures to your domestic TV system so the camera pictures become extra channels on every TV set in the house.


Contact Paul Wright on 07930 347632 or Bill Wright on 07860 610519 or 01709 813419, or email wrightsaerials@f2s.com

For work in Norfolk contact David Wright Aerials on 01692 404061


What we don't do

  • We don't come out to give free estimates. If the job is straightforward we will give you a price over the phone, but if we travel to your premises and climb on your roof to test reception conditions, or carry out a feasibility exercise, or give you detailed advice about an installation, then we will charge, unless of course it ends with us completing an installation for you. Sorry to seem grumpy, but sometimes people try to use us as a free consultancy service and it’s quite annoying.
  • We don't — we won't — use poor quality materials, and we won't rush the work. So if you are looking for a really cheap job, then we're sorry, but we can't help.
  • With the price of fuel these days it's not economical to travel far for a simple domestic installation, so we normally confine that sort of work to a thirty-mile radius. But please ring and ask. Even if you're more than 30 miles away we might be able to recommend someone in your area. Actually, we are quite happy to travel; it’s just that it isn’t likely to be good value for your money if it’s a small job. But if you really can’t find anyone local to you then ring us anyway and let’s talk about it.
If you are thinking about sending an email or making a phone call that we will interpret as “I need someone to spend half an hour giving me free detailed advice about my TV aerial problem so I can fix it myself” — then please don’t . Try a techy newsgroup like uk.tech.digital-tv. A quick Google for newsgroups, digital, satellite, tech, tv, radio, and UK will find other similar groups. Many groups have a FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions).
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