Wright's Aerials

System Planning

We can design head-ends and distribution networks for installation by your own staff or by subcontractors already on site. This can be an economical solution for work in remote locations. We will provide full working drawings of the system network, with installation notes and follow-up guidance by phone. For an example of the sort of working drawings we can provide click on [example of working drawing 1.pdf] and [example of working drawing 2.pdf]. These drawings have been modified slightly in the interests of client confidentiality.

If you are not too far away, we can (if you prefer) supply and fit the head-end ourselves. In that case we would normally test and commission the finished system.

A limitation is that we can only design around major products with which we are familiar. We wouldn’t want to design a system around nothing more substantial than a manufacturer’s claims. Fortunately we have a good working knowledge of a wide range of products. If you have a contractual requirement to use a particular make that’s unfamiliar to us we can test samples.

For the design of, say, a 200 outlet distribution system, including a straightforward head-end and the network, the charge is likely to be in the region of £450 + VAT.

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