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Wideband rubbish

I’ve noticed these odd looking aerials before, but today I finally got my hands on one. The thing is obviously supposed to be a wideband UHF aerial. The design is terrible, though. The 16 directors are about the correct length for Group C/D. In fact there are just two lengths of director, 140mm and 145mm. The folded dipole is just that, a folded piece of tube with no balun or attempt at impedance matching. It is 255mm across, about right for Gp A.

Now as any skuleboy kno, a reflector for ch21 needs to be no less than 340mm – much shorter and it will act as a director, if anything. The reflector on this aerial is a miserable piece of thin plate 265mm across, so it can’t possibly be helping. It’s spaced about 2/3rds of a wavelength from the dipole, and I think it’s a standard reflector from a Gp B or CD cheapy array.

I found this miserable turd on a stick pointing at Crosspool transmitter in Sheffield. This was in an area with which I’m not familiar, so when I metered the output and found all the signal levels from 21 to 67 very low, and when I saw the terrible ghosting on the analogue channels, I assumed that I was in a bad reception area.
Having hauled my not inconsiderable bulk onto the roof, plus an analyser and a test aerial, I was amazed to see Crosspool giving me a cheery grin from across the valley.

A log periodic gave levels on all channels 6 to 10dB better than the Turdovision, and cleared up the ghosting. That’s an astonishing difference. I mean, you’d be hard pressed to make an aerial that performed as badly as the Turdovision if you set out with that deliberate intention. What a heap of crap! How do they get away with it? Why do riggers use them? It must make their lives hell! Oh and the build quality was rubbish as well. The reflector fell off in fright just because I gave it a long hard stare.
If you’re looking for a wideband aerial for goodness sake buy one from a proper manufacturer, not one of these backstreet abortionists. There was no brand name on this example, by the way.

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