Wright's Aerials

We must be mad having a section like this on our website.

Here you will discover that we hate our customers, that we have no respect for authority, that we have very dirty minds, and that we can be really, really, sarcastic and horrid to just about everybody. You'll also discover, if you haven't already realised, that Bill is so knackered he can hardly climb a ladder.

It’s no way to advertise our services is it? Never mind. At least you’ll see that we’re human. All too human, possibly.

Here's Bozo the Clown. Click on him if you want to enter our catalogue of whimsy.

When the circus closes for the winter Bozo helps his brother fix aerials and, as you can imagine, they make a fine team.

Here's Bozo the Clown's twin brother, who runs a company called 'Bozo Ariels'. You can meet him if you click here.




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