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Getting quite sarcastic and nasty

Quite often when there is an aerial fixing problem because the roof and walls of a new building are sheet metal the architect will specify an indoor installation. Architects are highly trained and do a difficult and complex job. Sometimes though, someone in the office seems to loose his grip. Maybe it’s a new boy . . .

Re section 16.7 of your specification E107/11/05/DW we feel that an indoor aerial is most unlikely to provide adequate reception (or indeed any reception) because the building is made entirely of metal. Can we suggest that an outdoor aerial be installed? A prompt reply would be appreciated.

An outdoor aerial is not acceptable. Have you carried out tests to determine the extent of the reception problem if any with an indoor aerial?

No, because it is a basic principle of electromagnetic propagation that solid sheets of metal attenuate (reduce) the strength of signals of the relevant frequencies by a very large amount. This theoretical principle is backed by a not inconsiderable amount of experimentation carried out during the last hundred years or so.

A quick go-ahead for an outdoor aerial is now becoming vital.

Could you please conduct on-site tests to determine the extent of the reception problem if any? These tests to be witnessed by our Mr Scroggins. Please contact Mr Scroggins to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Since the conclusions for the tests you require are already known to us (in fact they can be inferred accurately and conclusively from a well-established body of knowledge that is fundamental to RF propagation) we feel that they will not contribute to the installation in any way. Therefore we regard them as an extra. Our quotation for attending on site with suitable test and safety equipment and conducting exhaustive signal strength tests in all parts of the warehouse for a four hour period is £350 + VAT. You will also need to hire a 20m scissor lift for that period. Please advise Mr Scroggins that he will need a hard hat, hi-vis vest, safety boots, harness, and warm clothing. It would be convenient if he could act as note taker for the tests, so he will need a torch. We will issue him with a clip board and pencil. Since working at heights can appear hazardous and because it is inconvenient to interrupt the tests, could you confirm that Mr Scroggins has no bowel or other medical problems, and is not of an unduly nervous disposition?

We are not satisfied with your approach to this problem. We will seek a second opinion and contact you subsequently.

Could we suggest that you obtain the second opinion as quickly as possible? We are sure you aware of the time scale on this project.

Please submit a proposal for an outdoor aerial. It would be helpful if you could indicate on the enclosed elevation drawings the proposed position of the aerial(s), together with an indication of their size and the total height of the installation. We are concerned at the delay regarding this aspect of your works. A prompt reply would be appreciated since the installation needs to be completed before the 21st Nov. As you will be aware any over-run will incur penalty contra-charges.

Please find enclosed the elevation drawings with the proposed aerial marked up. Re the time scale of this project, as you are aware we first made you aware of the impossibility of a successful indoor installation on the 15th of September, and we are yet to receive your go-ahead for the outdoor aerial. Therefore the clock stopped on the 15th September and it hasn't yet re-started. If we receive the go-ahead tomorrow we will still have by our reckoning over two months to complete.

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