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This is a vertically polarised stacked pair of 3 element Band III yagis. Stacking is used to increase gain and to increase directivity, so it seems odd to stack a pair of titchy little three element aerials. Normally only multi-element arrays are stacked, although it could be that this design was intended primarily for loft installation, where there often wasn’t room for an eight or eleven element Band III array.

In this example the arrays are connected to the feed point by ‘phasing bars’, angled back towards the mast. I’ve no real idea of the manufacturer, although the pale blue junction box cap suggests Wolsey. Can anyone confirm or deny this? The photograph was taken in a part of Sheffield where I would have thought Emley Moor reception would have been very poor indeed, and this suggests that the installation pre-dates March 1969, the start of the Sheffield channel 6 ITV relay. If so it has survived perfectly intact for 34 years. Will modern aerials last that long, I wonder?

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