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This jumble of old aerials on a Sheffield roof tells an interesting story. The single dipole at the top is at a rakish angle. It’s my guess that it was originally part of a vertical ‘H’ pointing at Holme Moss, channel 2. Holme Moss was pretty hopeless in most parts of Sheffield, and before long a relay transmitter was built transmitting on channel 1 horizontal. Although the elements would be about 6 inches short, it was common practice to re-use the old aerials, or bits of them, for the new transmission. The Band III array has two folded dipoles. There were a few designs that used two dipoles linked with twin feeder, functioning in a similar way to a log periodic to reduce ghosting. These designs were also wideband, and I’m wondering if there was ever a BBC-1 Band III transmission from Crosspool, as well as the ITV transmission. It’s quite likely because continental interference on channel 1 was an almost constant problem.

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