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The log periodic aerial is a strange beast. Click here for a bit of background information.

This is the Antiference TS21. As far as I know this was the first log periodic aerial on the UK domestic market. The ‘TS’ stood for ‘trouble shooter’, and the aerial was marketed as an anti-ghosting miracle. There’s no doubt that there was a niche for this product, and I used quite a few. Like all log periodics, the gain was nothing to write home about, but the sharp directional properties could be very helpful under some circumstances. Log periodics have a twin boom that also serves as a transmission line, and in this case the two halves were held together with a long insulating strip. The support arm was non-conductive, and there was a feeder cable with connector attached, rather like some non-domestic products. This feeder was supposed to be stretched tight from the rear of the aerial to the bottom of the support arm (it had a stranded inner and thus was able to withstand repeated movement), not taped to the boom as seen in this example. Aware of the poor gain Antiference brought out a version with a built-in masthead amplifier. The TS15 was also available. This covered channels 37 to 68 only.

Come on Antiference, let’s have the new improved version of the TS21 on the market for wideband digital use!

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