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This is a cunningly and cheekily installed Labgear ten element aerial, the fixing contrived to get it into a position where it could see Sandy Heath between the buildings of Cambridge. For some reason the aerial has been clamped at a point along the boom rather than behind the reflector. As supplied these aerials had a plastic insert that allowed a conventional 1” clamp to hold a 12mm square section boom. Because the 12mm boom wasn’t very strong, if an Antiference No 1 clamp was used the claws would deform the boom enough to weaken it, and it would eventually snap. That’s what’s happened here. I suppose the installer needed the swivel and tilt clamp supplied with the aerial for the bottom end of the mast, so he improvised at the top end. Since the reflector and dipole have remained in place, I guess the viewer was unaware of the disaster. Probably it was some fusty old prof who didn’t watch much telly anyway.

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