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The Antiference ‘Antex’ Band I aerial was not a yagi. Its patent ensured that all emulators went back to the yagi principle. Here we have such a thing, a two element yagi comprising a dipole and reflector.  In this example the lower half of the active element has fallen away. The shape of this aerial has been distorted towards an ‘X’ as far as the designers could. Such was the marketing power of the Antex. The Antex rejected signals from the sides; the yagi derivatives rejected signals from the rear. This was important knowledge in the days when ghosting was a major problem. I have no idea why this example is mounted on a side arm. Possibly a BIII aerial once occupied the other end of it. The actual side arm here could well be the top half of an Antiference ‘type K’ mast, which was a very strong swan neck type.

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