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So much effort has gone into this! You can almost see the working of the installer’s brain, can’t you? There’s a fascia bracket on the masonry, holding a three foot by one inch cranked mast. It isn’t every day you see a one inch mast supporting a one and a quarter inch mast, but that’s what we have here. At the top of the six foot by one and a quarter inch mast there is a length of one inch mast. This supports an 18 element aerial at the top and a log periodic half way down. For some inexplicable reason the latter is at the end of a short section of mast.

At this point I get an uncomfortable feeling. Does this man know something the rest of us don’t? Would we all benefit by mounting our log periodics two feet closer to the transmitter?

Having assembled and erected this fine edifice the installer has had a nasty thought. What if it all falls down about his ears? To make absolutely sure this couldn’t happen he decided to add a bit of structural integrity. A loft mount was fixed to the wooden fascia, with a bit of bent mast protruding outwards. This was then clamped to the main mast. Success! Now it could never fall down!

Pictures like this are rare because the window of opportunity for taking them is restricted to the short period between installation and collapse.

Thanks to Aberfan Aerials for this fine picture.

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