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We all know the feeling. You get this bright idea in the pub on Saturday night just before closing time and make the mistake of telling the missus. “I’ll sort out the telly reception tomorrow love.”

So there you are on the Sunday morning, with an aching head, stood in the local DIY shed looking at TV aerials and their associated bits and pieces. The actual aerial is easy. There isn’t much choice, just Suspiciously Cheap, Reasonable, and Outrageous. Of course you settle for ‘Reasonable’. Since the sheds only sell wideband aerials even in areas where a grouped aerial would be much, much, better, that’s what you get. “Hmm, I suppose I need some sort of a pole. OK, that one will do. I wonder why it’s got those two bends in it. And it’s far too long, but never mind, I suppose it will become a conversation piece. Oh, I’ll need a bracket-thingy I guess. OK, that one seems cheap enough. Oh, and some aerial wire. This white stuff seems reasonable at 60p per metre.”

Thanks to Derrick Mulvana for this contribution.

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