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Since this set-top aerial was apparently 'Ready for all Future TV Developments' I tried to receive Sky Digital on it the other day. Strangely enough, it didn't work too well.

I never dismantled one of these set-top aerials, but turning the large and impressive control knob certainly had an effect on the picture. Probably it altered the element loading. Set-top aerials were never going to be a success in our area, 25 miles from the transmitter and behind a hill. I think it must have been the high price of the Veemaster (most set-tops were about a third of the cost) that persuaded many people that it was something special, and might just work where other set-tops had failed. Of course, the result was usually frustration, and after a few hours adjusting the elements and twiddling the mysterious knob, the Veemaster often went back to the shop, with a 'Vee' sign directed at Antiference!

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